Phunkbox Drums
Phunkbox Drums

Three compact, portable drum sets in one. No compromises.

Everything packs into a bass drum case. No compromises. 


Great Sound

No matter how interesting a drum set looks, it has to sound good first and foremost.  We use Keller shells for our Phive, Phour, and Mini drum sets. They are hand stained and then finished with either a light coat of lacquer, or a tung oil finish.  Bearing edges are typically a rounded 45 to enhance the sound of the shell, but can be customized according to preference.     


We improve ergonomics while decreasing the footprint needed for the stage or rehearsal space with our patent pending Phive and Phour design. Traditionalists can use a Standard setup with the addition of bass drum spurs. As an added bonus, if you own a Phunkbox Phive, you already own a Phunkbox Mini too. The Mini's floor tom doubles as a bass drum, the the cymbals and remaining drums are attached and are sitting behind a Mini. 


Everything you need to play the Phunkbox Phive and Phour can pack into a bass drum case or one of our custom made cases (check on availability). Since all of the most cumbersome hardware has been eliminated by our design, the days of needing to own a van and make several trips into the gig are over. 


How does it sound?

It sounds like a normal high end drum kit. Examples are below.

Does the second tom sound different when mounted within the bass drum?

We did a blind test to see if people could hear the difference between a second tom mounted in the bass drum and a second tom mounted above. Results indicated that any difference that you might hear will be a matter of perception versus reality. Blind testing reveals that people cannot tell the difference. 

Want to hear for yourself? Listen here to the first audio example below.

Does the bass drum sound different set up like a floor tom?

Those same blind tests reveal that there may be a very slight difference. The sound tends to spread out through the room a bit more, with perhaps a bit more depth. We have heard the term "bloom" to describe the phenomenon, and we like it. We don't know for sure but it may have something to do with a high sound pressure level that develops between the floor and the batter head. It might be slightly better, but we're dealing with a small difference. Certainly not enough to make any real claims. 

I am a really aggressive drummer with a heavy foot. Will I push the pedal around?​


The short answer: If you use a rug of some sort, you will be absolutely fine. 

The long answer: Many drummers, when playing a traditional drum set, will push the bass drum and all that is attached to it forward.  The Phunkbox is actually MORE stable. This author is a heavy footed soccer player who plays the bass drum with my whole leg rather than my toe, and it stays put for me with a carpet remnant and the spurs engaged, no velcro.  All that said, if you are able to push your current entire kit forward, you might still nudge our pedal when playing your Phunkbox. In our testing we had a drummer who did that on a hard floor with thin carpet, no drum rug. The simplest solution is a piece of velcro on the bottom of the floor board. If you can defeat even that, a bungee running from each support arm of the floor tom leg will certainly anchor it in place. You could add cocktail drum supports, but that adds to the weight and setup time and gives you no added function. If you don't like any of these options, Google "Pearl pedal stabilizer." We tested that too, no rug, on a wood floor and it worked great. We tested in adverse conditions and the only two failures were the aforementioned drummer, and me on bare cement. 

So can I really get it all into one bass drum case?

Yes. Drums, cymbals, stands, and hardware. Yes. We find that sometimes it is even more convenient to carry a portion of the hardware in a small shoulder bag. You have the choice to do either. 

Phunkbox Audio Examples

Playlist of varied Phunkbox recordings using the Phive and Mini, and even a few prototypes.  

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